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Trailhead Planners

Tax-Focused Retirement Planning

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Hi! We're Bill, Courtney, and Morgan.

As fiduciary financial advisors, we started Trailhead Planners with a simple mission: To provide comprehensive, tax-focused financial expertise to retirees.

Here's how we help:

We believe in fair and transparent pricing, which is why we choose to be fee-only advisors who never sell products for commission. Together, we are the trusted advisor to over 100 households in our hometowns of Portland, OR and Minneapolis, MN, as well as across the country. Our clients often (but not always) fit the following profile:

  • Within 10 years of retirement
  • Diligent savers with retirement assets of at least $750k
  • Desire to work with a trusted advisor

Many of our clients also have a strong interest in aligning their finances with their personal values through charitable giving or socially responsible investing.

Interested in learning more? Setup a free introductory phone call below.

Schedule a Free Intro Call

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