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Trailhead Planners


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We build custom, tax-managed portfolios based on the latest academic research. 

Portfolios crafted around a plan

The foundation of any successful investment program is a goal-based financial plan. A portfolio without a plan lacks a clear framework for decision-making, like a pilot without a map. By deeply understanding our clients’ goals and personal situation, we are able to craft properly allocated portfolios that are uniquely appropriate to each client.

Evidence-Based Investing

Improving the odds of investment success begins with knowing how markets work, forming realistic investment expectations, and staying disciplined through different market environments. We use the latest in financial science when building your portfolio, focusing on managing risk, reducing investment costs, optimizing your tax picture, and tilting toward factors that have historically driven long-term returns.

Deep Expertise

Morgan Ranstrom, CFA, CFP® leads our investment team and has more than a decade of experience managing investment portfolios for private individuals and families. Additionally, Courtney Ranstrom, MBA, CFP® and Bill Mulvahill, CFP®, CPA sit on our investment committee with Morgan and consult on all investment matters. Together, our team has a wealth of experience consulting on the investment management and financial planning needs of hard-working individuals and families.  

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