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Trailhead Planners 

Serving Executives.

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Tax-Focused, Fee-Only Financial Planning for Executives 

Both Portland, OR & Minneapolis, MN are home to a number of innovative start-ups and established companies that commonly incentivize high performing employees with any combination of Incentive Stock Options (ISOs), Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), Non-Qualified Options (NSOs), and Employer Stock Purchase Plans (ESPPs).

Used appropriately, incentive stock can be an incredible building block for building your personal net worth. On the other hand, it can also come with a great deal of complexity, numerous headaches, adverse tax and cash flow consequences, and gut-wrenching volatility. 

If you'd like to partner with a team of experts in financial planning, tax, and incentive stock who are passionate about helping you achieve your goals, why not schedule a call to see if we can help? 

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Your personal net worth is now dependent on an alphabet soup of stock compensationIncentive Stock Planning
We'll demystify all the ISOs, NSOs, RSUs, and ESPPs for you and help you tie your incentive stock into your broader financial plan.
You always end up with a large tax bill at the end of the year.Tax Planning and Preparation
It's not just what you earn, it's what you keep. We'll run annual tax projections and complete your return to identify opportunities that increase your after-tax net worth over time.
Well over 10% of your net worth is tied up in your employer's stock. Concentrated Stock
We'll help you create a multi-year exercise and sale strategy that helps minimize the tax impact of your ISOs, NSOs, and RSUs, diversify your net worth, and answer the trickiest of questions: "Should I hold or sell?"  
You're unsure if your employer stock gets you any closer to retirement. Work-Optional or Retirement Planning
We'll create a custom financial plan and investment strategy that puts you on the path toward achieving your goals.

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