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Trailhead Planners

Serving Doctors.

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Tax-Focused, Fee-Only Financial Planning for Medical Professionals

We're guessing you became a doctor because you like helping people. Yet, post-residency life often comes with an overwhelming amount of professional and personal responsibility even as your financial life dramatically increases in complexity. 

If you see some of your core questions or concerns highlighted in the situations below (or in our Case Study), why not set up a call to see if we can help? 

Interested in learning more? Setup a free introductory phone call:

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You need help assessing the best strategy for paying down your student loans. 
Student Loan Repayment Analysis
We help you determine whether to seek federal loan forgiveness, pay down your loans aggressively, or refinance.
You're unsure if you're taking advantage of all the tax planning opportunities available.
Tax Planning
It's not just what you earn, it's what you keep. We'll run annual tax projections and help you identify opportunities that increase your after-tax net worth over time.
You feel behind in your savings, but you still want to retire someday and achieve other goals, like owning a home or funding college for your kids. Research-Based Savings Strategies
Most new doctors must turn a negative net worth into sufficient retirement savings in a shorter time frame than their professional peers (who have more time to save). We use research-based savings strategies to ensure you are saving enough for a secure-retirement.  
Every 'financial advisor' in your network just wants to sell you more insurance.Unbiased Insurance Review
Most doctors we work with have never had an unbiased financial planner review their current policies and assess their insurance needs. We aren't insurance salespeople, so we can offer you an unbiased opinion.
You don't want your investment decisions to be based on your co-worker's 'gut' or some advisor's 'intuition.' Science-based Investing
We build you a customized investment portfolio based on Nobel Prize winning investment research that allows markets to work for you.

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