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Trailhead Planners 

Our Pricing.

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We believe in fair and transparent pricing.

Studies have shown that working with a trusted advisor improves financial outcomes. As fiduciary financial planners, our goal is to offer meaningful value to our clients in excess of the cost of advice. 

We use a pricing structure that is fair, transparent, and reduces conflicts of interest. Your custom fee is based on the complexity of your financial situation and the scope of our services you require. Generally, we find that our fees fall right around industry average. For this, we aim to provide a boutique, comprehensive service that is differentiated from the often cookie-cutter advice provided by larger institutions. 

We offer a free initial consultation to allow you to better understand how you may benefit from working with Trailhead Planners, and so that we can both determine if you are a good fit for our services. If we are unable to provide you value, it’s our fiduciary responsibility to recommend that you use another planner.  

Wealth Management for Retirees

Starting at $1,500/quarter

  • Proactive Financial Planning
  • Customized Investment Management
  • Tax planning
  • Withdrawal and Cash-Flow Planning
  • Estate Planning and Risk Management Strategies
  • Social Security and Medicare Planning
  • Unlimited access for meetings and implementation
Ongoing Financial Planning for Executives & Doctors
Starting at $1,500/quarter or $500/month
  • Proactive Financial Planning
  • Coordinated Investment Strategy
  • Tax Planning
  • Stock Compensation Analysis
  • Benefits Planning and Insurance Review
  • Debt & Student Loan Repayment Analysis
  • Unlimited access for meetings and implementation

Interested in learning more? Setup a free introductory phone call:

Schedule a Free Intro Call

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